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Stephanie’s Story



11 year old Stephanie Hall.

In the first grade, her teachers told her parents that Stephanie had a hard time staying on task and that she was making noises. She was given a prescription for Ritalin that seemed to work at first.

After awhile, Stephanie started having some problems again, and the doctor increased her dosage. The day the dosage was increased, she seemed a little out of sorts for awhile, but seemed to be doing just fine before she went to bed.

She never woke up.

  1. ritalin and other adhd meds should be band by the fda,they give kids more problems than b4 the medication.sudden death pills surly wouldnt be given to my children.The side effcts of this drug outweight the benifits(if any).rest in peace

  2. i have just received a letter from my sons therapist to say he needs these drugs either one concerta or ritalin – luckily i love doing research and came accross various sites and say – i love my son and i want him to get better but what else can a parent do!

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