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Friday the 13th Protest


I guess I’m not the only one who doesn’t like the idea of state-forced drugging.

  1. This is the most outrageous thing I have heard. I’m tired of this communist crap that the government thinks they own our children.

    Best wishes,

    Dave Hodges

  2. To bad you won’t let the public hear both sides of the story Jim, your such a sorry excuse for a human.

    • slm,

      The fact that I deleted a dozen or more of your personal attacks has nothing to do with “both sides of the story”.

      Your replies are now moderated.

      If you have anything of value to add to any topic here, please feel free to speak your mind without any name calling.

  3. I have a comment for SLM, who must be the child’s mother. If you are so genuinely concerned about both sides of the story being told, and you actually have something legitamate to add…then where are your videos or blogs showing your reasoning for keeping your child drugged?

    I am not biased, 3 out of 4 of my children have ADHD, including 1 of those 3 having Asperger’s. In a 10 minute video with any of them, they would not have the ability to sit as still and speak as calmly as Ben. What do you have against Jim using alternative methods to help your son that do not have the awful side effects of drugs?

    My oldest 2 children were adopted by my mother. Both have ADHD and my daughter has Asperger’s as well. She has had no other alternative but to use certain medications to assist in controlling their symptoms, however, she has opted for a lower stimulant medication to avoid as many side effects as possible. Even having done that, my 13 yr old son is very small for his age.

    Do you consider that at all? If you want your side heard, give some valuable feedback so that we can hear it.

  4. Freely speaking my mind- won’t name call lets see if you post this, I was told by a very good source that your version of responsible parenting includes paying no child support (regardless of your concern over where and to what the money goes to) unless the court forces you to- and home-schooling your child without any experience, I think it was you who actually suggested to home-school your child on your days and send him to public school on the days you don’t….. How many fathers can say that is a model parent.

    • SLM – your “source” is a bit misguided.

      What do you consider “support”?

      I supported Ben from the day he was born by actually raising him and spending far more time with him than his mother ever did, while also making less money than she did. If there were support payments that should have been paid for the first 7 years, she would have been paying them to me but I never asked.

      I didn’t take away that support, the state did by overstepping it’s authority and taking Ben from me when I refused to poison him with ADHD drugs.

      I want nothing more than to support him again, but paying his mother to continue drugging him is not support, it’s nothing less than contributing to abuse and it’s something I want no part of. Shelly now gets $585 a month from me as she has for several months and I pay it ONLY to stay out of jail.

      As far as homeschooling on my days and sending Ben to public schools on her days, I agree it’s not the perfect solution. He should be homeschooled all the time, but this is what his principal suggested since the school district has a program already set up for parents who want to homeschool part time.

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