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Here he is, Judge Fink


Here’s the kid you refused to talk to.

Here’s the kid you were trying to force me to drug.

Here’s the kid you took away from me when I refused to follow your nonsense order.


It’s terrible – just look at how distracted this kid is – he can’t pay attention – he can’t sit still – he’s rambunctious – his mind wanders – he’s so endangered! HE NEEDS DRUGS!

Gimme a friggin break!

Shelly Griffin – Judith Abramsohn – Judge Dean Fink – SHAME ON YOU!

  1. Joe Kaiser says:

    Stunning, and irrefutable proof there’s nothing wrong with Ben.

    This is a wonderful, happy, NORMAL little boy who’s only issue is he just happens to be very smart.

    Who in their right mind would choose to jam drugs down this beautiful child’s throat?

    Just let him be a little boy!

  2. Good that Ben was interviewed at the children’s facility. I was happy to see that they cared enough about Ben that they took the time to tape the interview with him. No matter what happens, Dad you are the hero!! It is obvious this child doesn’t need the poisonous drugs that are polluting his body. What he needs are parents with parenting skills and a school that stimulates his ability to learn beyond his age group, instead of boring him to tears. Dad, if I were you, I would have done the same thing to protect my son. Kudos to you. I hope the courts will wake up when they see this video!!!

    • This wasn’t at a children”s facility – it was at the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, and it had nothing to do with caring enough about Ben to tape the interview.

      This was done in their interrogation room (the same one I was in) and it was all about obtaining evidence to be used against me in court and nothing else.

      Instead, they got the truth and a heavy dose of reality.

      It should be clear to everyone that sees this that Ben is only a “victim” when he is with his mom and he wants to be away from her abuse.

  3. They did the same thing to my daughter in 1965, either my daughter take drugs to calm her down, or the court would take my daughter, and drug her, and send her to school. The schools admit that over 60% of the students are on some mood altering drug to control behavour, how soon before it’s all citizens to make us behave? Just a little bit in our water supply would work wonders, mellow and nonconfrontational at your bidding.
    Then we will all be happy, and surrender our rights for the good of the nation.

  4. Unfortunately American citizens have not been paying attention to whom we allow to represent us. We have sown the wind and are now reaping the whirlwind. Corrupt and twisted thinking people are routinely placed in office by a dumbed down populace. It is a sad day in America.

  5. This is the best video ever! What Courage! This boy should have the right to live label and drug free. supports this boy’s journey in life.

  6. Joe Kaiser says:

    Ben says it all when he says to the cop, “define mature.”

    As the cop noted, Ben is mature for his age. Interestingly, the ADHD child is NEVER referred to as “mature.” The EXACT OPPOSITE is true. By definition, the ADHD child is immature.

    “Mature” and “ADHD” are mutually exclusive terms. Maturity virtually excludes Ben from any possibility of having ADHD.

    Define mature?

    Heck, define misdiagnosed, and I’m quite certain Ben just did.

  7. The doctor that diagnosed Ben with ADHD should be saving his pennies for a malpractice suit sometime in the future.

  8. Rob Perrault says:

    Hey Jim,

    Smart kid, Ben looks real bright.

    So sad that our school systems are so cookie cutter style. The U.S. needs to come up with a better plan to educate children that have difficulty with the current system.

    Boys and girls should be taught in the manner that best suits them as an individual and we really need to do better than just try and drug these children. It probably comes down to profits and funding through laws and so forth that some politician or judge is getting kick backs, corruption etc.

    Jim did the right thing in trying to save his child In not wanting to have happen to his child what has happened to so many. When forced into a corner you must think outside the box.

    I don’t like the force of any drugs especially on a child, that is perverse!

    Don’t let this happen to our countries children.

    Good luck, Rob Perrault

  9. The Nutcracker says:

    I agree that this video is a real eye-opener, and you can tell by the policeman’s reactions to Ben that he was as impressed with him as we are.

    As I said in another post, however, playing the blame game isn’t enough when it comes to the cause and/or treatment of behavioral conditions. It isn’t just the system, or just the school, or just faulty parenting, or just a head injury or just fetal alcohol syndrome or just an inherited trait or just any one thing that is screwing up our kids. Every case is as different as every child. There are just too many variables to say that there is any one cure, therefore, drugs can in no way be the ONLY answer. Drugs are, however, a quick fix, an instant cure, the easiest method of dealing with something nobody knows much about…yet. It’s all just theory and experimentation at this point, and there are still a lot of people who don’t even think of it as a ‘legitimate’ condition. If you don’t know the cause, how can it be real? For some, they think they know the cause and the cure is pretty simple; more discipline!

    It seems as if the control has been given over to tired, overwrought, overworked, and underpaid caregivers, be it parents, teachers or doctors. Doctors don’t know the cause and they’ll be the first to tell you. They are prescribing dangerous doses of mood altering drugs to see which one works. The kid has a bad reaction? Ok, we’ll try this one and see what happens. See me in six weeks. Ah yes, that’s a common side effect with some kids. Well, there’s this new one out right now that we’re getting very good reports about. The success rate is very high and the side effects are minimal. Let me know how it goes and if there are any problems give us a call. Oh, so Tommy is finally doing better at school? He’s not getting into as much trouble after school? He’s easier to handle? He’s better? Please doc, define “better”. Better for who? Tommy or everybody around him? Ben is shown here as our little Tommy, which is probably one of the few testimonials we will ever get to see from a child speaking honestly about his own condition. It speaks volumes. If he has one parent who can home school him and see him through the educational system, hooray for that parent. If he has one teacher who has enough patience to guide him in the right direction and stimulate his natural curiosity and above average intelligence, kudos to that teacher. If there is one doctor out there who can suggest a change of diet or atmosphere at home instead of doling out drugs like Flintstones vitamins, then there is hope. Please people, let’s just slow things down a bit and look at this for what it really is….

  10. When I was 8 my school requested that I begin to take meds as it seemed I couldn’t pay attention enough in class to sufficiently grasp reading skills. The doctor said that I had ADHD and would need to take meds. My father and mother refused to drug me, so they took me to another doctor. This doctor was actually advertised as not being one that would jump onto the med train. He took some time and did a complete physical. A little bit of testing later and they found out I was def in my right ear and dyslexic. Once I returned to school, the administration demanded that I wear a hearing aid, use a depressant med (to keep dyslexia slightly in check), and for me to have a class in which the reading standards were lower. My parents refused all three. They wanted me to be seated to the right of the typical “teaching area” which is completely reasonable because they didn’t want me to look like a freak — I wear one now of my own choice but it is nice they waited till I could chose because school yard peers can be brutal. They again refused the use of any drugs. Also, they didn’t want me to have lower standards… rather they hired a neighbor (high school student) to help me with reading.

    I am now a constant reader. I love Kurt Vonnegut’s novels!!! (I am extremely close to having “So it goes.” tattooed to my arm when I turn 18… but that’s not the point.) I write for my school’s newspaper about political and social issues in the opinion section, it looks like I will be either the opinion or news section editor next year, and I am hoping will be the editor-in-chief. I am on Quiz Bowl, Academic Decathalon, and Academic Superbowl ~ social studies. I am writing for a Libertarian newsletter from Michigan. Though I am a Sophomore I am looking forward to college. I am considering going to DePauw for Political Sciences/Law double major or Ball State for Journalism or Education (Social Studies).

    My parents did the right thing and I thank them everyday for it. I am capable of fulfilling my life dreams and am in the process because, well, my parents are awesome.

    Honestly, Ben seems like a real bright kid that is just as rambunctious as boys have always been and doesn’t need a toxic foreign substance ruining his mind and body. The fact that he asks “Definition?” proves to me that this boy wants to be a sponge to knowledge. Please continue to stand strong, you are doing the right thing for him!!!

    • Tom Lewis says:

      It would seem to me that the school would consider the parents and the child the customer. Instead, they were treating the parents and the child as their subjects. That situation is the result of our school system being patterned after the Prussian system. John Taylor Gatto has addressed that issue in his books.

  11. Holy crap, this is appalling!! Your son is beautiful and smart and wonderful… and you are a hero for helping him

  12. Tom Lewis says:

    The interview with the boy showed that he is a typical boy, or perhaps slightly better behaved than most. I would be interested in seeing an interview with his mother or his teacher. They are probably the dysfunctional ones.

  13. When I was 5 they put me on SILE RT…’s an amphetamine ….they found out it causes heart attacks….no big deal…so they put me on Ritalin….I would pretend to swallow them…I got so good at it I could bring them back up in my throat and spit them out…..I hated them…and my mother for doing this to me…..this poor kid is going to hate his mother more than anybody knows.

    And yes …he will be more susceptible to Methamphetamine in his life…GOD help you.

  14. You are an amazing father, Jim. Ben is lucky to have you.

  15. Lori Harker says:

    Why does it always seem like the men that love their children and want to spend time with them always seem to have a woman that want to use them as a pawns? They are so many men that just walk away. This is really outrageous! Ben obviously doesn’t need medication! What is the payoff for his mother? Torture the guy and the boy? Really? Does she go to parenting class? So wrong on so many levels! Please if there is anything I can do ask Beth for my number. You are both in my prayers.

  16. Joe Kaiser says:

    Great comment, Lori,

    Isn’t it time we all stop torturing each other and get this resolved? Don’t we all deserve far more than this? I say “yes” and “yes.”

    Jim’s big scary crime was what, again? Oh, that’s right, he loved his son too much to stand by and let him be poisoned.

    And now Ben can’t see his father and Jim can’t see Ben. For what reason, again? I have a hard time remembering what Jim did that was so bad he’s looking at half a year of his life, or more, in prison. Oh yeah, remember now, he violated his parole by trying to schedule a time to pick his son up per the judge’s custody order.

    This is madness that serves no one and it’s time for it to end.

    And it’s also time we all stop blaming Shelley. At least it is for me. She can’t help who she is or what she’s done, and holding those feeling against her doesn’t do anyone, particularly Ben, any good. That must end.

    I say it’s time we learn how to forgive and how to heal so we can all return to some sense of normalcy that removes Ben from the freak show and gives him the sort of childhood he richly deserves.

    You can also contact me for any help I can possibly provide.


  17. Dear Jim
    It’s been awhile and you may not remember me, but we got to know each other on Jim Wilson’s Auction Hints website and I did a small amount of work for you. We were also “Losties” together.

    Anyway, about 8 months ago, you came into my mind and I started looking for you online to see what you were up to these days. I was shocked to find out what has happened since we last spoke.
    I am completely heartbroken for you.

    I remember nothing but a wonderful father. You spoke endlessly about Ben and I could just tell you loved him so very much. I remember little examples you would post about things you taught him and the WAY you would give him lessons about life and the world.

    I too have fought a battle against ritalin and adderall… not against the father of my children, but against every teacher and school my son has had. I always won the battles, completely refusing to put a pill in my son’s mouth. I wrote letters, submitted documentation from his doctor stating that he does not have adhd, yet still, the teachers would persist.

    What teacher WOULDN’T want to “calm down” 30 children. They just want a bunch of zombies in their class so it’s easier.

    My son is now 18 years old and a wonderful person. I have no regret for my fight and refusal to drug him.

    Now, to hear your story and to watch that video of Ben above… well, I am just PISSED OFF. I am frustrated and sick to my stomach at the thought of this happening to a GREAT father.

    What is the latest update? Where are you? I want to DO something!!

  18. Martha Bertucci says:

    JIM!!! Where are you?? Your facebook went away and I have no way of contacting you!!!

  19. Hi Jim, I changed my email address so I don’t have your email address anymore. Please write to me!! I want to know how you are. My thoughts are with you and Ben, always.

  20. God bless you dad!

  21. Gerry Kaiser says:

    Here it is Christmas Eve. We have lost all contact with our grandson, Ben.

    The cards mailed have been returned. The emails to both mother and son have not been answered since she demanded this web site be removed before we could “negotiate to see him”. In fact, the last email to Ben did not even go through. He probably has no idea of all the times we have tried to contact him.

    She fears his friends could see this site and it would embarrass him. I pray someone does see it and can get this message to him.

    Dear Ben,

    Gramma and Grampa K. are missing you so much and have tried so often to reach you through mail and email.

    It’s unfair to all of us that we can’t be in touch with each other. Be sure you understand that your mother made an impossible situation for your dad who only tried to protect you from the drugs you don’t need, that make you not feel like your real self and that you don’t like. Your dad loves you and waits for the day you will be together again. In time you will be able to make that decision for yourself so do what’s right and be a good kid.

    We would love to hear from you. Now, if you see or hear about this note, you will have our email again. Can’t believe you are almost 12! So many good times we had together at our house in Arizona. Don’t ever forget how much we miss you and it shouldn’t be like this.

    We’ll just have to wait it out. All the family is thinking about you especially at Christmas. God bless you. We pray for you every day that you can stay well. We love you and miss you so very much.

    Gramma and Grampa K.

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